Happy Cheeeaster!

We hope that you are looking forward to the Easter break!

As a gum and dental-care company providing education and products for little ones, we can’t really be seen to be advocating eating chocolate (but we know that you will be!)

However, we’ve got an Easter Egg suggestion … and it’s made from cheese!

Cheese is great for your teeth. Not only does it have high levels of phosphate and calcium, which naturally strengthen teeth and bones, but it also helps balance the pH level in your mouth, which means less harmful acid, more cleansing saliva and fewer cavities.

We often suggest that if your toothbrush and toothpaste is not close to hand, nibbling (yes, just like a mouse!) on a cube of cheese can help do the trick as well! Ta-dah!

Head over to our Twitter page for one of our Easter Competitions where we have two Cheese Eggs from Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses up for grabs – but be quick… the competition closes at midday on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. Good luck