Dental Therapists – The Key To Unlocking The Dental Backlog?

It was both fascinating and alarming to read about the proposals to help reform the dental sector which has been badly affected by the Covid-19 crisis, which suggests that Dental Therapists will be able to take on some dental work that Dentists are carrying out, but that check-ups may be extended from the recommended six months up to every two years!  

As a provider of children's toothbrushes and gum and dental-care solutions, both in terms of products and information,  for the youngest members of our society 0 – 10 year olds, we are acutely aware that everybody is playing ‘catch-up’ with an estimated 9 million missed children’s dental appointments due to the pandemic. 

However, you can’t really play ‘catch-up’ with children. That time has passed. These are formative years in their dental development.  Teeth are developing and hopefully being cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep decay at bay.  This is why access to information in an informal, impartial and friendly forum, is one of the fundamental services that Brush-Baby provides via our website and a free-to-join SmileStones Club. 

When you join our SmileStones Club, you earn points with every purchase! These points can then be converted into vouchers off to spend on any brushbaby tooth care products! From toothpaste for toddlers to a kids rechargeable toothbrush, points can be redeemed on ANY brushbaby product!

Information on how to use a baby dental wipe to look after baby gums and eliminate ‘dummy breath’, teaching kids how to floss with our FlossBrush Bristles Toothbrush, and help parents navigate teething and beyond, is our key business aim – because where else is there for parents to turn to? It’s only in very recent years that an oral health tick box has made its way onto the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR), formerly known as the little ‘red book’.  ‘Whoo hoo! We jest, but it IS progress – thank goodness. 

We know from our professional interactions with the dental profession, that many Dental Therapists and Dental Hygienists have been key to educating, providing information and encouraging children to look after their teeth.  

Predominantly female and with many parents amongst their ranks, they have proved to be an invaluable ‘bridge’ in terms of seeing children within the formal setting of a dental practice and also on their terms, in more informal settings such as Mother & Baby groups, nurseries and primary schools, performing the vital role of educating, demystifying, encouraging and enabling children to take some responsibility for their own dental welfare. 

Therefore we welcome the recognition of Dental Therapists and the work that they have already done with the younger generation, the way their profession and status is being recognised, and hopefully rewarded, for their knowledge, expertise and capability.  We look forward to continuing to support them with assistance, products and information.  

There’s no catch-up. No more waiting. The time is now.