Baby Toothbrushes

      Discover our range of exciting baby toothbrushes, toothbrushes for toddlers and kids rechargeable toothbrushes.

      Best Babies Electric Toothbrush

      From newborns, to babies, to toddlers, and beyond - we have a dental hygiene product that will suit your and your child’s needs!

      Whether you’re looking for your baby's first toothbrush, a super soft tooth brush for infants with sensitive gums, or the best toddler toothbrush - there is a BrushBaby product for you!

      Tackling Baby Teething Problems

      Brush Baby’s chewable toothbrush and teething brushes are great for children that are experiencing teething symptoms and are in need of some relief. This baby toothbrush is made from silicone which contains naturally antibacterial properties so you know it is safe for your baby.

      Whilst the baby chews on the baby toothbrush, the small headed bristles will clean and remove any milky residue that may be left on the gums or new teeth. This silicone teether brush is easy to clean and sterilise and is very resistant to ageing and wear.

      Baby's First Toothbrush

      Our first baby toothbrushes are extra soft toothbrushes made with extremely fine bristles which gently clean the surface of the baby's teeth and gums.

      Using a small head toothbrush will ensure that you're able to clean baby's mouth properly without hurting them - our small toothbrush for baby is the perfect size for smaller mouths.

      Baby Electric Toothbrushes & Kids Rechargeable Toothbrushes

      Our WildOnes kids electric toothbrush range has 9 different animal character toothbrushes for your child to choose from! Their furry friend will make brushing their teeth a much more enjoyable experience, both for the children and the parents!

      These kids rechargeable toothbrushes have DeepClean tapered bristles to reach in between teeth and use a USB port, so can be charged wherever you go!