Here’s some things that customers and advocates have said about our business

"I have known about Brush-Baby since their first Baby show, when we had a stand next to each other. Since then I have seen the company grow into the success it has become. And it's little wonder as all the products are designed with your Little one in mind. My favourite has to be the original Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush. It's the first thing I recommend for teething babies, and when used with a teething gel eases the pain of teething whilst cleaning! Perfect! I really love all the Brush-Baby range of products for your little ones teeth and gums. Many parents aren't sure about what to do when caring for their babies teeth so Brush-Baby have covered everything from 0- 6 years! With DentalWipes, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes you know where to go from the beginning. So just ask Brush-Baby they have the answers!"

Jo Tantum, leading Baby Expert . Author of Baby Secrets

“Brush-Baby’s Chewable toothbrush is excellent, cleans upper and lower gums and teeth at the same time, a nice, clever little idea. Their DentalWipes are also good and a very easy way to improve oral hygiene in babies”

Dr Chris Steele, resident doctor and health expert on ITV1’s This Morning TV programme

"We wholeheartedly endorse Brush-Baby"

Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum, Clinical Director - Toothbeary Children's Dental Practice, Richmond

"Brush-Baby is a very inspirational company. The Managing Director, Dominique Tillen, has built a fantastic company by using her own experiences and a lot of courage"

Karren Brady, One of the UK's leading businesswomen Vice-Chairman of West Ham United and assistant to Lord Sugar on the hit TV series 'The Apprentice'

"Nearly half of UK five year olds suffer from tooth decay. The sad fact is that this can easily be prevented by good oral care from an early age. I am really excited by Brush-Baby’s product range which provide parents with products that make it easy for them them to give their babies and toddlers good foundations for lifelong healthy teeth".

Graham Wilding, Dentist and Founder of UK’s ‘Stop the Rot!’ campaign, aiming to prevent tooth decay in young children

"I recently attended The Manchester Baby Show , where a host of baby and childcare experts provide a range of talks to attendees about relevant topics. After listening to some startling stats and really useful dental tips in a presentation by Brush Baby (40% of toddlers and young troopers in the UK have tooth decay, for example) I thought it useful that every parent should know about trooper dental care. If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well and never more so in the case of dental health. The good routines you start now will put your troopers in good stead for a lifetime of healthy teeth."

Neil Sinclair - Ex-Commando and father. Author of Commando Dad, a parenting manual for fathers

"Brush-Baby's Chewable Toothbrush is a particular favourite of my son's. He was a devoted thumb sucker and detester of dummies, so the chewable toothbrush has become an essential item to distract or calm him, as well applying teething gel or indeed toothpaste!"

Kirsty McCabe - TV presenter and meteorologist for the BBC

"The Brush-Baby DentalWipes are a very good idea to clean a baby gums and stop decay, I like these a lot."

Holly Willoughby - TV presenter and model

"My clients have children from 3 months+ and have found the DentalWipes, BabySonic and Chewable Toothbrush extremely useful and effective and just right for their children for both teething and toothcare. The product they have loved the most was actually the toothpaste. Children can be quite fussy on flavour and often refuse other 'mild mint' brands as they just don't like it. They loved this one and asked for more. The apple mint seems a great way to introduce them to the stronger mint flavours that will follow in due course, rather than avoiding it completely by going down the strawberry route. Also loved the dispenser as keeps tube clean and tidy and much easier to apply the tiny amount that they need at this age. Will definitely be recommending to new clients."

Sue Atkins, the ITV "This Morning" Parenting Expert