PanPan the Panda

Pan-Pan comes from high up in the mountains in China. She likes climbing trees, swimming and of course - she loves to spend time playing games with her Wild Ones family!

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Evie the Elephant

If you’re looking for Evie, you’ll find her in Sub-Saharan Africa, just like her friend Holly. She absolutely loves splashing in rivers and lakes, and can even use her trunk as a snorkel when she’s underwater.

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Percy the Penguin

If you’re heading to where Percy’s from, make sure you’ve got your coat and gloves! Percy comes from a subantartic island in the South Atlantic ocean, where it’s very cold.

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Holly the Hippo

Where’s Holly? Easy - just look for water and there she’ll be! Holly absolutely loves to spend as much time as possible swimming, splashing, playing and staying cool in the rivers and lakes of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Toby the Tiger

Toby comes all the way from the tropical rainforest in South East Asia. Toby loves to play with his friends, especially in the water. He is a great swimmer!

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Mya the Monkey

Where’s Mya? If you’re looking for this cheeky monkey you’ll probably hear her before you see her. She comes all the way from South East Asia where she lives in a big family group called a troop.

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