Baby Toothbrushes & Toddler Toothbrushes (0-3 years)

      Great for babies and toddlers who want to use an electric or manual toothbrush.

      We provide high quality, award-winning and innovative baby and toddler first manual and electric toothbrushes. Helping babies and toddlers first new teeth grow by keeping them clean, healthy and supporting their oral development.

      Baby & Toddler Toothbrushes

      As with all Brush Baby toothbrushes , childrens electric toothbrushes and dental products, we’ve designed and manufactured them with the help of both parents and dentists. 

      We've made sure that all our baby and toddler toothbrushes are up to the task of cleaning your little tot’s teeth, but also make it fun and easy for parents and kids when it comes to brushing their teeth.

      We have both baby’s manual toothbrushes and baby's electric toothbrushes as well as small head toothbrushes to help with babies or newborns teething earlier.

      With the smaller toothbrush heads and super soft bristles, you’re able to brush your babies teeth without having to worry about it being too big or hard for their gums or new teeth.

      When To Start Brushing Baby's Teeth?

      The best time to get your Baby’s first toothbrush is pretty much as soon as their teeth start coming through.

      The first toothbrush for baby should be soft and gentle on their gums to make sure it's not too rough or hard when they’re teething and their milk teeth are pushing through.

      That’s why we’ve created the best first baby toothbrush. These are also available in a pack with a teething ring to help soothe your teething baby.

      The Chewable Toothbrush

      The Brush Baby chewable toothbrush has a unique curved shape that fits the gum line of the baby, as well as soft silicone toothbrush bristles that help clean top and bottom teeth.
      This means that it’s able to properly clean teeth and soothes gums whilst it’s being chewed by your teething baby!