4 Simple Tips To Tackle Colic

Treating Colic

If your baby suffers from colic, you’ll know how painful it can be for your little one and how frustrating an experience it is for the whole family. Whether they’re crying from the pain, not sleeping due to the discomfort or having trouble eating properly because of the tenderness, the impact of colic is far reaching.  

If this all sounds familiar, don’t despair. We canvassed the Brush-Baby team to discover if they had any tips that helped them and their babies when suffering from colic.

Below are the four easy measures you can try to easy your baby’s colic discomfort, that were proven to work for our team.

1. Slower, more frequent feedings

Feeding too much and too fast can increase intestinal gas, due to the breakdown of excessive lactose, from either breast milk or formula. As a rule of thumb, when your baby is experiencing indigestion and intestinal gas, feed your baby twice as often and half as much.

Extra tip! - A baby’s tummy is around the size of their fist… tiny! Place your baby’s fist next to a bottle and make a marker to truly appreciate how little they need to feed!

2. Tummy warm-ups

Colic feels to a baby, what cramps can feel like to us; tense and uncomfortable in the belly area. It has been shown that warmth can help ease this tension. A good tip is to place a warmed-up (not hot) water bottle, wrapped up in a cloth, onto your baby’s tummy and allow it to rest there for a little while.

3. Turn over!

Another tip that we found worked to relax a baby’s tummy is to simply turn them over! Lay them stomach-down along your forearm and rub their back. Make sure their heads are turned to the side so their breathing isn’t obstructed.

4. Tummy touching

The comforting touch of a parent is often a good way to calm a baby, and this has been found to be particularly true when it comes to soothing colic.

Try sitting your little one on your lap and placing the palm of your hand over their belly button area. Let them lean their tense tummy into your hand and begin to trace your fingers in a clockwise circle around their navel. The warmth of your hand seems to help aid their digestion and the emotional comfort of your touch with help calm your baby. And remember … larger hands provide more coverage!

We hope these help you and your little ones and if you have discovered any magical cures, we’d love to hear about them!