A Little Christmas Help - From The Elf On The Shelf!

Christmas elf on the shelf


Christmas is upon us, and whilst you've been busy arranging your elf on the shelf and organising christmas dinner, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what present you’re going to get everyone. At Brush-Baby, we have a selection of brilliant kids electric toothbrush gift sets that include a full size infant toothpaste. We also have gifts sets including our baby teethers, babysonic baby electric toothbrush, and even our soft baby bristles toothbrush. Designed with bright colours, fun characters and flashing lights - every child will be elated when they open a brush baby kids toothbrush gift set!

There is a new festive tradition forming in households all over the world and it’s called, The Elf On The Shelf. While some of you may have heard of him and some of you may have not, he is certainly starting to work his wonders over the festive period!

The Elf On The Shelf is a little toy elf in friendly 50s style, that’s a friend of Father Christmas. The story of the Elf On The Shelf is that he has been sent to be friends with children over the festive period, staying with them each day and flying back to Father Christmas at night.

Whilst this might sound a bit scary to some - an elf that reports your deeds, good and bad back to Father Christmas – possessor of all gifts! It is actually being used as a friendly little helper to mums and dads that want a little assistance from the elf to teach their children a thing or two.

For example, during the day, one of your little ones didn’t share their bread with their sibling(s), the elf would record this and return the next day sitting by the bread to highlight that he was watching the bad behaviour. When your children wake up the next day and try to find their elf – they are reminded of the scene and learn from it!

Though the elf is not just there to report bad deeds, we think this is where the little elf can really get on our side! As we all know, Christmas is the worst time for over-indulging and we need to make extra sure that our children are still cleaning their teeth properly – so we think the little Elf On The Shelf can help us do just that!

If you notice some slacking off from good dental routines this Christmas, we recommend letting the little elf do the talking for you! By setting him beside the toothbrushes in the morning, your little ones can be reminded that they need to keep up this good behaviour as Father Christmas is watching!

It can open up the conversation about good, regular brushing with your children in a way that could even get them excited! Let the Elf On The Shelf do the teaching in your household this Christmas and we can all relax as the excitement of Christmas helps train our little ones for while!