A Kids Toothbrush... A Desert Island Essential!

desert island essential

John Bishop, the comedian and entertainer certainly knew the value and importance of dental hygiene, in June 2012, when he appeared on BBC Radio’s famous Desert Island Discs, he nominated a lifetime’s supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste, as his luxury item!

John, the owner of a very impressive set of teeth, obviously values the importance of his teeth and even though he is stranded on a desert island with nothing to do, would be more than happy to while the time looking after his dental health and would certainly have enough time to ensure that he brushed his teeth two minutes twice a day whilst looking out on the horizon to see if help was on its way!

Today, there is no excuse for not looking after your teeth.  A variety of infant toothpastes with different properties and flavours are widely available and cater for babies, children, adults. There’s even dental-care products for pets… so us humans certainly have no excuses!

We at brush-baby have even created some of the best baby toothbrushes in order to keep your little one entertained for as long as possible. Our electric toothbrushes for kids come with fun designs and flashing lights to make those 2 minutes go that little bit faster! Shop our range of kids toothbrushes and milk teeth toothpaste today!

Similar to John Bishop, we all need to ‘value’ our teeth and to look after them in order to ensure that they last our lifetime whether in England or a desert island.

Brush-Baby prides itself on offering the widest range of early years dental-care products for children aged from newborn to 6 years of age. Products are ergonomically-designed for babies and toddlers little mouths, their developing dentition and behaviours, and accompanied by palatable toothpastes, all specifically designed for children, but often with parental supervision in mind especially during the early years. 

Take a look at our age-specific ranges to see the solution for your child’s specific needs.