‘All Work And No Play … Makes Jack A Dull Boy’

Undoubtedly we have all heard of this phrase. The exact origins remain unclear, although it was thought to be recorded as early as 1659.  So it seems that even centuries ago, there was an issue with work-life balance, so it isn’t just a modern day phenomenon!

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As the Founder and MD of Brush-Baby Ltd and a busy mum, Dominique understands the importance of ensuring that there is a time for work and a time for play.  As she says “downtime has been key to my business success. I have a family and other commitments outside work and similar to other people all over the world, it means that I have to prioritise and work smarter. It’s a great leveller.

Some R & R to refresh and recharge the batteries is key to good health and good business."

Featuring in the May issue of North Hampshire Living Magazine under the title ‘My North Hampshire’, Dominique extols the virtues of the lovely countryside that surrounds her home and place of work.

Read on … to get a personal insight as to what makes Dominique ‘tick!’

North Hampshire Living magazine


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