And so to bed… (eventually!) With Bath, Baby Toothrush, Book ... and Bed!

Routine – we don’t like it and think that it’s a time-stealer – but in fact having a routine and being organised actually gives you more time, especially during the busy festive period!

Using your baby toothbrush and toothbrushing as part of the bedtime wind-down, offers a great (and healthy) way to keep things on track with excitable little ones, providing a ‘win-win’ situation – especially during the build-up to Christmas, using it to keep the status quo, “Father Christmas only visits children who have brushed their teeth” can come in really handy!

In theory Christmas Eve boxes are a great idea, but with excitement levels already off the richter scale on the 24th December, brush-baby advocate a few treats to help with the 4Bs routine – ‘Bath, Brush, Book and Bed’ before the ‘big day’ or to help calm things down during Twixmas and beyond.

Here are a few stocking filler and stocking stuffer suggestions (which may be a tad pricier but well worth the investment) from fellow bedtime routine companies helping everyone to get a good night’s sleep (eventually!)

Bath: A winning combination of cleaning and sleeping from skincare experts Childs Farm, with Slumbertime Bath Soak
Baby Toothbrush: Including toothbrushing in a bath time routine is eassssy with the small, gentle v-i-b-r-a-t-i-n-g brush-head on baby’s first electric toothbrush, perfectly-sized for first baby teeth - the BabySonic baby electric toothbrush.

Book: Send them off to the land of nod with a comforting story from renowned book publishers Usborne
Usborne: Twinkly twinkly bedtime book
Bed: Night, night – sleep tight. Ewan the dream sheep

Can’t wait until bedtime and looking for another time filler? Download our FREE Christmas Activity Pack here.