… And Stretch!

buggyfit_brush baby childrens health

Emma Foster – UK Sales Manager for Brush-Baby Ltd, joined in with the fun with the ladies at a Buggyfit session in Basingstoke recently, and then caught her breath to give the participants a talk on the importance of oral health care in babies.

The eager mums learned about the importance of establishing an oral care routine as soon as possible, with on-hand demonstrations, samples and a Q &A session where mums presented any questions on cleaning baby’s gums with the brush baby teething wipes and the natural product Xylitol contained in Brush-Baby products.  We also discussed teething remedies for babies and baby teethers, tantrums about baby toothbrushes and why using baby milk teeth toothpaste really does matter!

As Buggyfit Trainer Helen explains “participants at Buggyfit sessions are health-conscious and so the Brush-Baby ethos of looking after a baby’s welfare is a ‘good fit’.  I know that our group really benefited from the oral health care session, and conversely we hope that Emma enjoyed being put through her paces with her Buggyfit session too!”