Are You Quaranteething? Teething Remedies For Babies

‘Teething is such fun’ SAID NO-ONE EVER! (including Miranda’s Mum). If your little one is teething during this Coronavirus crisis, there’s a new word for it, ‘Quaranteething’.  (C’mon you have to get your laughs where you can at the moment!).

All joking aside, teething can be such a stressful time for parent and baby, and with the addition of a lockdown in the equation, stress levels are bound to be affected.

However, help is at hand. Brush-Baby can come to your aid with our Teething Survival kit to help you in your hours and days (don’t worry, we’re really not going to say months) of need. At Brush Baby, we care about your little one, and we have a whole range of baby teething products to help alleviate some of that horrible gum pain.

Our brush baby teething wipes are a great place to start if your teething tot is experiencing some discomfort, as it contains an anti-inflammatory which will help soothe their gums. We also sell bright and colourful baby teethers, with large handles and natural silicone which can be placed in the fridge to cool your baby's mouth.

Let’s offer a quick reminder about the ‘science’ aspect around teething as this will go some way towards explaining how the products in our kit can help.

Contrary to popular opinion, teething is a natural process. (Can we hear you silently screaming?)

Teeth do not ‘cut’ through gums

Let’s put it out there. Biologically babies’ teeth do not ‘cut’ or ‘pierce’ through the gum tissue.

Instead, special chemicals are released causing cells in the gum to ‘separate’ and ‘recede’ in order to let the new milk tooth to come through.

What causes teething pain?

This is generally due to inflammation and infection of the gum tissue, which is caused by bacteria and microscopic material getting into the gum tissue as the gum cells part.  Watch out for food deposits and bacteria getting ‘caught’ in the tiny gum flaps around the newly emerged tooth. To help with this, our brush baby dental wipes help remove any left over milky debris which causes bad baby breath!

Teething doesn’t cause illness

Teething often coincides with a time when toddlers are losing their protective maternal antibodies and are building up their own. So you may have the double whammy of a little one being more susceptible to infection and minor illnesses.

Lock up your valuables!

We’re not going to lie to you – your little one will have some discomfort, which is why toddlers like to ‘chew’ on this area – hence why EVERYTHING within their reaching distance and grasp is a candidate to put into their mouths and chewed upon. If they're reaching for something to nibble on, give them a brush baby silicone baby teether!

Bibs at the ready!

This is then accompanied by drooling due to increased saliva levels, so although your washing load is increasing – biologically this is good, because it helps to ‘flush’ the teething area and keeps the gums clean.  Don’t forget some barrier cream on that little chin to stop it getting sore! 

Ok – you’ve had your fun – what can I do?

Clean gums every day (ideally after every feed) with a baby gum wipe

Use a clean cloth, dipped in cooled or boiled water and clean in around and over the gums, or use a Brush-Baby Teething Wipe a handy fingersleeve wipe impregnated with Camomile to soothe sore gums and Xylitol to keep bacteria at bay.

Yes, even though there’s only one milk tooth – it needs to be brushed!  Starting a dental-care routine as soon as possible, not only gives your baby the best dental start in life, but will make your life easier too. Providing a framework and dental-care routine, familiarising a little one with the sights and smells of baby toothpaste and toothbrushing – helps to minimise possible toothbrushing battles.  It’s the best habit to have!

How Brush-Baby can help

We’ve put together a Teething Survival Kit (available in pink or blue) to help you through tricky teething time. Each of the products has a different use and can also be purchased separately via However priced at £19.99 you save 26% on the rrp for the range of products

Use your ‘Fridge!

Our products are dishwasher and steriliser-safe, but for added comfort during the teething process, keep the Teethers, Wipes, Toothbrushes and Toothpastes/Teething Gels in your ‘fridge. Your baby’s gums (and your sanity!) will thank you for it.

See you on the other side (with teeth!)