Award Wins For BrushBaby Sonic Kids Toothbrush - Not Just 'A Pat On The Back'

There’s no denying that everybody likes to win an award!

Our recent win in the coveted Made for Mums Awards for our BabySonic baby electric toothbrush and Chewable First Baby Toothbrush in the hero health product for babies and children and hero health products respectively, gave us a natural ‘high!’ 

We have created a range of baby dental products to suit all your little ones needs. From baby teethers and baby teething wipes, to infants toothpaste and replacement baby sonic toothbrush heads. All of our products have been designed with mums, dentists and most importantly babies in mind!

Award wins are a brilliant ‘pat on the back’ and we’re thrilled with the recognition that it brings – it’s a great boost to our company, staff and team morale, but at Brush-Baby it has an added significance, because what’s vitally important for us, is that any award win puts baby oral care in the spotlight and introduced it to a wider audience... and that is what we ultimately desire and thrive upon.

We’re aware that in the plethora of babycare information, and the cumulative ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahs’ at cute outfits and the general array of infant paraphernalia that baby oral care is not often at the forefront of a parent’s mind.

Government cutbacks, reduced numbers of health professionals, and a general  lack of investment  in healthcare education and prevention programmes, has meant that many companies, such as Brush-Baby, are taking up the ‘educational baton’ to inform parents about health matters. In fact, I believe that we are one of the only companies who operate a free-to-join dental information service.  Our SmileStones Club, which offers timely reminders to parents of the imminent changes in their child’s dental development, and how to cope with them.

Technology, for all of its detractors, has proved to be a ‘lifesaver’ for many a parent who can access assistance or a just a reassuring ‘virtual hug’ that they are not alone on their parental journey and that other people share the same worries as them.

This is why Brush-Baby personally answers parents’ queries via email, social networking,  Q & A sessions and puts as much free information as possible on our website which is accessible to consumers .  Receiving feedback on the difference that we have been able to make is so satisfying too -  as one of the reviewers in the awards process commented: ‘now we have this toothbrush, my toddler actually asks to brush his teeth, which was unheard of, as he used to hide before we tried the BabySonic baby electric toothbrush.  It has transformed toothbrushing!’

In conclusion, we’re delighted with our Made for Mums award wins, and in true awards acceptance speech fashion:  ‘thank you to everybody who voted for us – it really does mean a lot to us’ (and to babies’ oral health too!)