Baby Milk Teeth – Sometimes You Can’t See Us – But We’re Here!

Did you know that good oral care for a baby should start even before the first tooth appears?

Fact: a baby’s milk teeth are formed whilst in the womb, and when a child is born, the teeth are fully formed and under the gums just waiting to come out! Actually on some rare occasions, a baby can be born with teeth. (Cue ‘ouch!’ from many breastfeeding mums!)

When? Start looking after baby gums from day 1 of life!

Why?  Even squidgy adorable babies get bacteria in their mouths. It can't harm the gums before the teeth emerge, but because it can be hard to tell when and where the teeth are coming through, you'll want to start oral care early. A great place to start is through using a brush baby dental wipe, which helps clean their gums and helps accustom them to a toothbrushing routine when you introduce their first baby toothbrush.

It’s a misconception that teeth ‘break through’ the gums. They don’t! Basically the gum ‘flaps’ recede to allow a new tooth to emerge. So keeping the area clean of bacteria, including milky deposits from breastfeeding, is very helpful. PLUS it familiarises a baby with having its mouth cleaned as part of a daily routine… making it easier to transition to the toothbrushing stage later on (and reducing toothbrushing tantrums!)

How?  Brush-Baby can help with its range of specially-designed products for the unique needs of little ones aged from newborn to 6 years, stocked in Boots stores and online. From handy Baby Teething Wipes to pop in your Changing Bag, to yummy tastebud-friendly, Teething Toothpaste with soothing Camomile, which can be applied to a variety of small mouth-wide Baby Teethers and First Toothbrush For Babies.

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