Bobbie’s ‘Eggs-tremely’ Useful Tooth Tips For Easter

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Spring is officially here and Easter is fast approaching, which means Bobbie’s close friend, the Easter Bunny, will undoubtedly be visiting our kids with lots of yummy chocolate treats to share.

Whilst we all enjoy a chocolate treat, and Easter is the perfect excuse for a little indulgence; it is important not to let our children’s oral health suffer as a consequence. To help you ensure your little ones’ teeth stay healthy and sparkly white this Easter, Bobbie’s put together a few great tooth-care tips for kids.  

Make sure to use a kids toothbrush and infant toothpaste

We offer the best toothbrush for kids, as our FlossBrush bristles toothbrush is able to get to those hard to reach areas where bacteria and sugars from your chocolatey snacks can hide! It’s also the best toothbrush for braces as it can reach in between the brace and ensure your child is cleaning thoroughly to prevent staining whilst the brace is attached to the teeth.    

Monitor your child’s intake

Chocolate will do more damage to the teeth the longer it stays in the mouth, because more acids are produced that can cause tooth decay. Try and give your child smaller pieces, so that won’t stay in their mouth for as long a period of time.

Keep chocolate to meal times

Instead of opting for a chocolate snack, try keeping the chocolate to meal times at home, so that your little ones’ teeth can be cleaned with a child's toothbrush and infant toothpaste after munching.

Things to eat and drink after consuming chocolate

Having certain foods and drinks after eating chocolate will help to counteract the acids and sugar that cause tooth decay. Fruit and vegetables, such as carrots, apples and celery, make a perfect snack and help stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth at the same time.

Saliva is beneficial for teeth, as it provides natural protection against bacteria. It will also help break down food particles in the mouth, such as chocolate, which can get stuck in the teeth.

Also, make sure you give your child plenty of water to drink after eating chocolate, to help rinse the mouth and wash away any remaining remnants.

Choose sugar-free options

Your average chocolate brands contain a lot of sugar; which is the prime cause for tooth decay. Look for the reduced sugar and sugar-free options in shops to help prevent cavities.

Choose alternatives to traditional Easter Eggs

If you are really concerned about your child having chocolate this Easter, there are plenty of fun alternatives you can offer. Swap the traditional chocolate egg for an Easter-related toy, celebrate by decorating hard-boiled eggs, bake your own sugar-free Easter treats or enjoy a day trip to a Spring Petting Zoo to meet some baby animals.

We hope you find Bobbie’s toothy tips of use. To celebrate Easter, we're offering you the chance to win a year's family membership to the National Trust. Head over to our Facebook page to find out how to enter.