Bottoms Up - Brush Baby Team Building!

The old adage ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ – was observed by the Brush-Baby team on Friday when we had an ‘away day’ at Black Chalk Vineyard and Winery based near Longparish in Hampshire.

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Kicking off the day with a team catch-up and a recap on our past year of trading, the clouds then parted…and the sun came through, in order for us to enjoy the beautiful Hampshire countryside where the vineyards are based.

local Hampshire Vineyard and Winery

A ‘talk and tour’ of the vines was rounded off with the obligatory tasting session of white and rose and champagnes, accompanied by delicious cheese and meat platters.  Naturally a visit to the shop to purchase some ‘liquid souvenirs’ concluded our visit!

Learning about the planting, pruning, harvesting and bottling process of earth, vine, grape and bottle, gave us all a greater appreciation of how time, patience and investment from start to finished product, is in involved in the champagne-making process.

Black Chalk Vineyard owner Andrew Seden

The experience served as a timely reminder on how Brush-Baby also operates its business. How hard work, effort and teamwork pay off, and how far we have come in 10 years since Brush-Baby began as well. Year on year our team photo gets bigger and bigger!

BrushBaby Team

It was a pleasure to meet Andrew Seden – one of the founders of Black Chalk Vineyard (, and to learn more about the plans that the family have for the company (Check out their logo – the 5 stars indicate the family links to the business)

Like us - they deserve continued success, and we’ll raise a glass (or two!) to that sentiment.


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