Brush-Baby Collaborate With The Singing Dentist

From Ed Sheeran parodies to crazy eyebrow dance moves, it’s fair to say that The Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, has entertained us all for the last year, but it’s just got even better!

For the last 2 weeks, The Singing Dentist has been collaborating with Brush-Baby on their recently-launched Mums & Gums Campaign, to parents across the UK, thinking about the importance of early-years gum and tooth care, and using a baby gum wipe and kids toothbrush.

Ranging from live Facebook streams to interviews on Sky News, The Singing Dentist has been busy spreading the word about the importance of early-years dental care and how Brush-Baby can help parents from the UK and across the globe, get their little ones into good oral health habits right from the day that they are born.

In fact, we’ve had such positive feedback from parents; we’ve decided to offer 25% off DentalWipes & TeethingWipes for online orders until August 31st 2017 (just quote MUM25 at the checkout.) They’re proven to reduce the pain and discomfort of teething (the camomile helps!), whilst keeping those little gums clean and healthy!

To see how our range of Baby Dental Wipes can help your little one, The Singing Dentist has kindly volunteered to demonstrate in the video. It is important to use gum wipes for babies as soon as possible as it cleans the bacteria out of your baby’s mouth, and also makes it easier when introducing their first baby’s toothbrush

In response to a recent Brush-Baby survey which found that 72% of mums have never seen information about gum care for babies, The Singing Dentist also spent a morning at the Sky News studios last week, discussing the importance of parents being aware of their little ones’ oral health.

You can watch his interview here:

We would like to thank The Singing Dentist for helping us spread the word about the importance of good oral health in children by making it fun and memorable and getting people to join in.

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