Brush-Baby Comes To Serena Williams' Aid!

Serena Williams is currently going through what all parents will go through at some point with her baby, Alexis – teething! Williams recently expressed her frustration over what to do with her babies’ teething pain, and turned to the internet and particularly her fans, for help, so we thought we would come to her aid!

Our Brush Baby teething wipes are a great teething remedy for babies as they contain an anti-inflammatory which helps minimise the pain and discomfort!



Teething is a stressful time for both parents, as well as their little ones. However, there are a few teething remedies for babies that have been found to help soothe babies’ teething pain. Here they are!

Brush-Baby Teething Toothpaste & Baby Teethers

Of course, our first recommendation has to be to try our Brush-Baby Teething Toothpaste which is specifically designed for infants’ sore mouths.

Just pop it in the fridge overnight and then apply a smear of the toothpaste to our Chewable First Baby Toothbrush and voila!, you have a solution that can really help soothe and cool sore gums fast, especially as the Infant Toothpaste contains camomile which is acts as a natural anti-inflammatory that’s completely safe for little ones.

Don’t forget to take a look at our teething range, designed to help your little one have a pain-free as possible teething experience. Our banana-flavoured Baby Teething Wipes, for example, are gently formulated and uniquely textured to help cleanse delicate gums and first baby teeth. For more advice on teething, visit our website.

Gum massages

Finally, gently rubbing around sore gums can really help to reduce babies’ teething pain and is a great distractor tool too. To make this technique extra effective, use our Brush Baby Teething Wipes specifically designed with healing camomile to help soothe your little one's discomfort.

Make sure to have clean hands, using the baby gum wipes, as your baby's gums are at a higher risk of infection at this time. Slide your index finger and thumb into the wipe and begin rubbing in gentle circular motions either side of their bottom gums.

We do hope these techniques can offer some help at this difficult time! The good news is that often once the tooth has started to show, the discomfort soon ends. Teething usually begins from 4 months onwards, so Serena’s little one is just at the beginning, but we hope that these remedies will help manage this stressful time for you and your little one!