Brush-Baby Goes For GOLD With Our Kids Bristles Toothbrush!!!

Mother and Baby Gold Award 2020

We LOVE  every type of child’s smile at Brush-Baby, from gummy grins to toothy smiles and above all a gurgling baby laugh... and we LOVE helping parents ensure that these smiles are healthy too with our childrens toothbrushes and infant toothpaste

And today, we’ve got something to smile about... we’ve just won a Gold Award in the coveted Mother & Baby Awards!  Our FlossBrush Bristles Toothbrush for little ones aged 0-3 years scooped top prize in the prestigious Best Bathtime category at this year’s awards. Our baby toothbrush is the best first toothbrush for your little one because the longer bristles are able to get to those hard to reach places to ensure their teeth are squeaky clean.

Judged against its rivals by a discerning panel of ten mummy testers, the FlossBrush Babys First Toothbrush was put through its paces against criteria including usability, price, design and value for money.

Bathtime is such a key moment in a child’s day and Brush-Baby advocate making toothbrushing part of this routine. The sooner you start the better!  Our FlossBrush with its grip and chew handle, small brush-head, and soft bristles is ideal whether you’ve got one tooth or a whole set of teeth, try it with a smear of Applemint Baby Toothpaste  and it's sure to become an award-winner in your house too!


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