Brush-Baby... We Just LOVE Brushing Canines With Our Kids Electric Toothbrush!

Brush-Baby really know the true meaning of the word ‘canines’  - not just with the nature of our business looking after the canines and more, of little ones – but with our resident representative from the canine world at Brush-Baby – Frank!

At Brush Baby, we want to make sure your child’s teeth are properly looked after, so thats why our kids dental products range from newborn - 10 years! From baby dental wipes, baby toothbrushes and baby teethers, all the way up to the best toothbrush for braces!

So ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ doesn’t just take place at Brush-Baby on the nationally recognised day of the year – today, 21st June, but usually 3 days a week when he comes into the office with his owner Emma Foster, UK Sales Manager at Brush-Baby.

A Schnoodle, (cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle), Frank is a great ‘leveller’ and listener, not only enriching his day, but the days of all of us here at Brush-Baby.  He’s great for boosting morale and team-building and has become a much valued member of the team in the 18 months that he has been coming here – puppy to dog!  

The Brush-Baby Canine Division is also bolstered by other dog visitors to the office including Sam the Dalmatian (whose owner is Dominque, MD of Brush-Baby) and Elsa (Bichon Frise and Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross) pet of Kevin Shaw, International Sales Manager. 

When Frank isn’t engendering the love amongst his human admirers, he sometimes goes to work with canine companion Harvey, a working Spaniel and his human master Jonathan, a Master Thatcher.  Even Brush-Baby’s canine workers are multi-tasking!


  • munching on old shoes (you can keep your expensive pet shop toys),
  • a mid-morning ‘tinkle’ – ‘it breaks my day up’,
  • lunchtime walk and scramble down country lanes, along the river, or,
  • a sprint into town where I can meet more members of my ‘adoring public’
  • and ... not forgetting a dog chew – well, need I say more? Just take a look at my pearly white canines... and weep!


  • wearing daft dog coats (really?! – just take a look at my expression when I’m wearing them),
  • cleaners (my bed is perfectly clean)
  • the postman (I don’t care if you ring twice and announce “Post...” - no bills today, thank you)
  • and ... lady dogs (I’m not wasting my time, I’ve had the ‘snip’).


Brushing your own canines are super important too - so shop the brush baby range of childrens toothbrushes today!