Celebrate With Brush-Baby!

national flossing day

With National Flossing Day here, we thought it was excellent opportunity to remind everyone just how great flossing is for our tiny tots. After all, flossing is a very important part of our adult dental-care routines and it’s recommended that little ones get started as soon as two teeth touch!

This may come as a shock to some parents. Unfortunately, plaque does not discriminate on age, and as flossing helps clean away as much as 40% of the sticky plaque build-up from our teeth – it plays a very important role for teeth of all ages!

There are other options

Flossing works because it reaches areas where other Kids toothbrushes can’t, keeping gums healthy, our breath fresher for longer and even improves your overall health too…magic!

Clearly handling floss string is often a little too difficult for your little one and the prospect of trying to floss their teeth yourself probably fills you with dread! But don't despair, take a look at our Flossbrush bristles toothbrush. The childrens toothbrush head contains flossing bristles, specially designed to help our little ones by reaching the areas normal brushes don’t get to – making flossing possible for any age. They make great toothbrushes for toddlers as they come in three age ranges; 0-3, 3-6 and 6+!

Getting started early really sets our children up with a great foundation for having happy and healthy mouths for life! (As well as making those trips to the dentist a positive experience too!). So when better to get started than National Flossing Day?!

Get involved

For your chance to win a huge supply of Brush-Baby goodies, which includes our FlossBrushes soft bristles toothbrush, head over to our Facebook page where you can get involved with our competition. Good luck!