Children's Gum Care Gaining Mainstream Attention

Proud_supporters_of_Dental_Check_by_One childrens gum care

We were very pleased to hear the news that children's gum care is starting to become a mainstream concern, featuring in Boots’ Parenting Magazine this month including our very own Sonic Baby electric toothbrush! Don’t forget - Pair our first toothbrush for baby with our yummy baby toothpaste!

This comes after some thought-provoking  figures were published earlier this month that revealed around 1 in 4 children in the UK have tooth decay. The recent increase in exposure around the importance of gum care in children is thoroughly welcomed by the Brush-Baby team.

The British Dental Association blamed the figures on a lack of a coherent national strategy to tackle the problem.

At Brush-Baby, we have known the significance of gum care for infants and children for a long time now, and are right behind the Dental Check by One (DC by 1) campaign launched by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry to help tackle gum-care issues in children.

We recommend using a baby dental wipe or baby gum wipe as soon as possible as it will clean away any bacteria in your babies mouth (which will help baby breath) but will also make it easier to introduce their first baby toothbrush when their first milk tooth pops through!

The DC by 1 campaign aims to educate the UK population about the importance of organising a dental visit by the age of one for your little one, which we wholeheartedly support. It means that parents and children will have professional guidance around oral care early on, helping save our little ones’ smiles!

Later this week, our team will also be attending the All Party Parliamentary Group meeting at Westminster entitled 'Why Children's Oral Health is Everybody's Business'; which we hope will help influence government policy around children’s oral care – leading to a coherent and joined up strategy to ensure our children’s teeth and gums have a healthy future.

We’ll keep you informed of our progress!