Dental Checks By Age One For Everyone!

Dental checks by 1 for everyone

We are thrilled to see the Dental Check by One campaign by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) launch this month! The campaign aims to educate the UK population about the importance of organising a dental visit at the age of one for your little one, and we heartily agree!

We care about childrens dental health - which is why all of our childrens oral hygiene products have been made and manufactured with kids, parents and dentist in mind! From our children electric toothbrushes, and infants toothpaste, to our baby teethers and baby dental wipes.

Unfortunately, the campaign is a response to a dramatic increase in young children being admitted to hospital for tooth extractions under general anaesthetic. This is entirely preventable and the BSPD feel that educating the nation is the most effective way of reducing these numbers in the future.

Since launching on September 22nd 2017, the campaign has already attracted national media support; with the Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley, fronting the campaign on BBC News recently.

As you’ll already know, this is a cause very close to Brush-Baby’s heart, so we are really keen to get behind the campaign and are hopeful that it will inspire real change around attitudes towards oral care for our little ones.

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If you want to get involved or learn a bit more about the Dental Check by One campaign, head over to the BSPD website.