From Kids Toothbrush Specialists To Master Chocolatiers

Emma  Sally Ann  Tara Clare Lisa

Don’t get us wrong, even though we’re a baby toothbrush and childrens toothpaste company - we love chocolate as much as the next person! We want to make sure we keep our childrens milk teeth clean, whilst still enjoying a little treat here and there. We have a selection of toothpastes for toddlers and childrens electric toothbrushes that are great at cleaning away plaque and bacteria after they’ve had some sweets and chocolatey treats! Shop the brush baby range of childrens toothbrushes today!

Just call us the chocolatiers of Alresford! We all had a great time at Chocolate Craft in Old Alresford for our Christmas Work Do, learning about the origins of chocolate, the background of Chocolate Craft and, of course, chocolate-tasting!

Each member of the Brush-Baby team were tasked with creating a variety of sweet treats – 2 x boxes of handmade chocolates, filled with our choice of filling (mixed by our own fair hand) and decorated in our own style. Although we agreed to save some chocolates for Christmas Day, we’re disappointed to share that it’s easier said than done.


We then moved on to the part where it gets competitive…Christmas tree decorating. The tree, decorated in silver and gold balls, came in 1st place. Congratulations Dominique!

We may have indulged on some chocolatey treats, but we still managed to brush our teeth for 2 minutes that evening. It’s just as important for adults to brush as it is for children!

Thank you Chocolate Craft for the experience. We thoroughly enjoyed it!