The Best Treats For Your Children This Years Halloween!

It’s that time of year again when your little witches and tiny goblins get the perfect opportunity to gather sweets, chocolate and other sugar-rich delights. Whether you let your wee beastie free with a cute wicker basket or get them an outfit kitted out with pockets; chances are, your little one won’t come home empty-handed!

To make sure those scary cavities stay away, we offer a range of kids toothbrushes and infant toothpaste! We are passionate about providing the best children dental care, products like our toothpaste for toddlers or our baby toothbrush are designed with parents and babies in mind! Our baby toothpaste is soft on teeth and gums but strong on plaque so you don't need to be scared of cavities - only the monsters this halloween!

While Halloween is bursting with fun and perfect photo ops, the cost to your little one’s teeth can quickly take its toll. 

To save tiny teeth from any unwanted tricks such as tooth decay, cavities and premature tooth loss, we’ve put together some helpful tips to ensure your little one’s get all the best treats this Halloween:

Know your treats

We all crave a bit of sugar every once in a while, and unsurprisingly, Halloween is loaded with sugary treats that can break the strongest willed parent! Typically, sweets expose teeth to sugar for longer, allowing bacteria to feed and produce harmful decay-causing bacteria. 

But it is possible to source delicious sugar-free sweets that not only taste good but will give your little one’s teeth a better chance.

Then there’s chocolate. Higher milk or fat content generally means more sticking power! So try and buy chocolate that dissolves quickly so that the sugars have less time in contact with your kid’s teeth. While milk and white chocolate are extra creamy and full of flavour, dark chocolate contains less sugar overall. 

If it’s a battle between sweets vs chocolate, chocolate is the winner! Unlike sugary, chewy candies, chocolate doesn’t linger in the grooves and gaps in your little monster’s teeth!

The magic sugar shield

Halloween treats don’t have to be all about the candy. There we said it! Instead, pop a mini tutti-fruitti toothpaste and Floss Brush party gift in your little monster’s sweetie bag to keep those little fangs clean! 

With our not so secret ingredient, Xylitol working its sugar-fighting magic, you can sleep easy knowing that your kiddo has less bacteria feeding acids lurking in their mouths. 

Alongside the gentle tutti-fruitti flavour and enamel strengthening fluoride, your little one can enjoy themselves this Halloween without all the usual mum guilt that follows. Plus, they are 12ml mini tubes - sharing size, so that you can share the sugar-fighting miracle with all your friends. 

Avoid hard, chewy candies

We all know that lollipops make the world go round, but sadly, that’s not all these delightful treats do. Anything that takes more effort to chew, such as a mint, caramel or the beloved lollipop, is going to spend more time exposing your child’s teeth to sugar. 

Although it’s not always possible to avoid hard, chewy candies completely at Halloween, where possible, try and make a sugar-free swap. 

Water & chewing gum

Now while not all children can have chewing sugar-free gum, it’s an excellent way to wash away any lingering bacteria from their mouth. Combined with a good drink of water, you can say goodbye to acid craving bacteria!

Enjoy sweets with a meal

Serving up a healthy and filling meal before you set off to trick and treat will reduce the chances of your little one having a binge-worthy feast later on! 

Treating Halloween sweets as what they are, a treat, will also help curb any sweetie binges. Including them as part of a meal will ensure that your little one’s natural saliva production that happens while they eat washes away cavity-causing sugar and bacteria. 

Don’t forget to brush those milk teeth

While all the Halloween festivities are underway, sometimes it’s easy to get swept up on all the fun and forget basic routines that our children so desperately need. But, keeping up a post-treat oral hygiene routine is essential. 

All it takes is four minutes out of your day to brush your teeth, so why would you give your child any less? With dentists, the world over recommending that everyone, no matter how young or old, brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day as a minimum, making sure your little monster’s fangs are taken care of is all part of the fun. 

While Halloween is a one-time a year celebration, making sure your wee beastie’s teeth are taken care of is all part of the festivities. Armed with your child’s Halloween-special tutti-fruitti kids toothpaste, childrens toothbrush, Floss Brush bristles toothbrush and floss, you’re ready to keep all those acid-loving bacterias away!

Halloween doesn’t have to be all tricks and no treats! Whether you gather all your little monster’s favourite sugar-free candy or pop a bacteria-fighting tutti-fruitti toothpaste into their sweetie bag, there’s a lot of fun to be had!