bounty-bags brush baby freebies childrens toothcare productsBrush-Baby have recently teamed up with the world-famous Bounty Bags, to include FREE BrushBaby Teething Wipes in the Growing Family Bounty Bag (for babies aged 18 weeks and over). 

Our baby gum wipes are one of the best teething remedies for babies, as they contain an anti-inflammatory to help soothe the child’s irritated gums. Brush-baby also offers a selection of baby teethers which will help pacify your little one and ease the painful teething symptoms. 

Bounty Bags have been in existence since 1959 and have become synonymous with free samples, offers and giving mums the most-up-to date information on the health of themselves and their babies.

Officially available until mid-August from Asda, Boots, Superdrug and Tesco, the Bounty Bag Growing Family Pack includes the following from Brush-Baby:

  • FREE Baby Teething Wipe including Xylitol and soothing Camomile
  • Advice about teething symptoms and teething remedies for babies.
  • Discount code for future Brush-Baby product purchases
  • QR code to join the SmileStones Club – a unique, free-to-join Dental Club offering expert advice, samples and birthday gifts.  Aimed at all the stages of a child’s dental development, from gummy newborns, via teething gums, to how to look after those precious first milk teeth for a lifetime of happy smiles.

Not signed up for a Bounty Bag – but would love some teething advice?

Click on this link for help: https://www.brushbaby.co.uk/best-infant-toothbrush and a very interesting fact about teeth not ‘cutting’ through gums – you will be surprised!


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