Happy Kids Dental LOVES Brush-Baby! Kids Toothbrushes And Infant Toothpaste!

HappyKids Dental teams up with BrushBaby

HappyKids Dental pride themselves on providing the very best dental care for children, including the best advice & the best products.

That’s why HappyKids Dental love Brush-Baby! 

An essential part of our treatment visits 

Brush-Baby is an integral part of the experience at Happy Kids Dental; particularly the Tutti Frutti best baby toothpaste that is almost always used during routine hygiene appointments as well during treatments; fillings, metal crown fitting.

Therapists and Dentists always have Tutti-Frutti within reach as the patients love it so much - it’s an easy way to carry out treatment with a quick smear of Tutti Frutti! 

‘Tutti-frutti childrens toothpaste is actually a great way to calm a child particularly with unpleasant or unusual tastes for example when I fit a crown, it’s really useful to have the tutti-frutti on hand because it’s a familiar sweet taste that distracts and eases child when facing something unusual or unsettling.’ Emily Fry, DHT at Happy Kids Dental 

Favoured by dentists, loved by patients

HappyKids Dental Team

Our dentists recommend Brush-Baby products with fluoride to patients and their families as they are perfectly suited to the patient’s needs. Brush Baby toothpastes are age-appropriate both in terms of their fluoride content, but also with their flavours, bright packaging and animal characters. This makes it easy to chat to children about how to use the products and get them to engage in great oral hygiene routines, with fun and ease at the heart. 

‘The Brush-Baby Dental Wipes are great for children who do not yet have any teeth, encouraging keeping the mouth and gums clean and free from inflammation. They’re also really easy for parents to use and instill good oral hygiene habits early.’ Dr Jasmine Cachia Mintoff BcHD, MJDF, DDent, Paediatric Dentist at Happy Kids Dental 

Our patients equally love the brushes and pastes from Brush-Baby!

The Tutti Frutti toothpaste, First toothbrush for babies and FlossBrush bristles toothbrush are a hit with parents and children alike, particularly the Tutti Frutti kids toothpaste - it’s a fantastic way to get children to enjoy brushing their teeth; without having the strong mint flavour that most children dislike, Tutti Frutti has a familiar fruity taste that makes for kid-friendly brushing.

This is particularly successful for children who refuse toothpaste altogether as they don’t like the sensation of most fluoride toothpastes so this is a sweet, mint-free alternative yet with all the recommended fluoride to protect teeth.