It's not Every Day that an Everyday Essential wins an Everyday Essential Award...

... but today's the day!  We all do it, it's easy to take everyday things for granted, and yet, they often make the biggest difference. Take the toothbrush, one of the most hardworking items in the hygiene world, but sometimes it doesn't get enough credit for the great job it does.

So we're delighted that three of our toothbrushes - SoftBrush, BabySonic and WildOnes, which cover a toothbrushing age spectrum from newborn to 10 years, have been recognised and awarded Bronze and Silver respectively, in this year's Made for Mums Awards.

The title of the awards, is fitting, as Brush-Baby was started by a mum, Dominique Tillen, who designed a toothbrush for her baby daughter.

Design really is fundamental when introducing and encouraging children to brush their teeth.

But does the product meet the discerning needs of its young consumers? As one of this year's Made for Mums testers, Cali, who reviewed the WildOnes rechargeable toothbrush with her 3 year old son concurs. "Brushing my child's teeth has been a long-standing battle, and, at first I was a little sceptical that this toothbrush would improve things. But it really has. And now, he reminds us that it's time for him to brush his teeth! That makes it 100% worth the money."

Recognition and praise enough for a job well done - but we'll still take and keep the award  - thank you - after all it's not every day that toothbrushes win awards!