Mind The Gap With Our Kids Electric Toothbrush!

Brush Baby’s mission is to provide great dental care and baby toothbrushes to children across the world! That's why our product range is so varied - to ensure you can find exactly what you need. From sonic kids toothbrushes to baby teethers and dental wipes, we do it all!

Even if you aren’t the most ardent Royalist, you couldn’t fail to have been enchanted by Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte and their obvious delight at the variety of Platinum Jubilee functions they attended. Prince Louis giving the ‘V for Victory’ signs, and Princess Charlotte looking at the contents of the Duchess of Cornwall’s clutch bag, endeared everybody, and showed that they are like everybody’s else’s offspring with their antics!
As dental-care product providers, we were particularly interested in Princess Charlotte’s ‘gappy’ smile when she joined in the musical rehearsals at the Welsh Jubilee Concert held at Cardiff Castle. Using her conductor’s baton, her delight was conveyed in a beaming smile, which showed a gap between her two front teeth and two ‘missing teeth’ gaps in her bottom set of teeth. 
At 7 years of age, she is in the middle of the transitionary period from milk teeth to adult teeth. Teeth are strong, and so there should be no fear in brushing in between them or through ‘gaps’ using a kids electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes for toddlers and children are more able to clean the teeth, but flossing is still a way to remove any food left in the mouth after brushing.

In fact it really is a key requirement to get the toothbrush or if possible floss, in between the teeth as toothbrushing alone, only cleans only 65% of the tooth’s surface.
Everybody should floss – including children! In fact as soon as two teeth touch, you should be flossing! It dislodges trapped debris, food matter and removes plaque build-up.  However, it can sometimes prove to be difficult, and people give up.  To help little ones, Brush-Baby have patented our bi-level deep clean flossing bristles toothbrushes. The shorter bristles clean the tooth’s surface, and the longer ones reach in between the teeth and any ‘gaps’, finding and cleaning, those difficult to reach areas (they’re great for brace-wearers too!)
Take a look – we’re sure that you will be royally impressed!