Mini Mouth Care Matters For Minors At Major Hospital!

We're proud to be involved in a pioneering oral health programme, Mini Mouth Care Matters (Mini MCM) launched at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London.

As a children's dental care and kids toothbrush company, we really do care about the wellbeing of children. That's why all of our baby toothbrushes and infant toothpaste have been designed with dentist approval so you can be sure your child’s milk teeth are being properly looked after.

We stock kids oral hygiene products from newborn to 10 years old - so whether you're looking for a baby teether, a toothpaste for toddlers, or an electric toothbrush for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Urshla Devalia, Paediatric Dental Consultant and National Lead for Mini MCM, developed the scheme as an arm of the very successful Mouth Care Matters programme. (MCM, aimed at elderly patients in a hospital setting).

Mini MCM aims to train nurses, health care assistants and doctors to integrate oral care as part of a child’s care package during their stay in hospital.

Resources such as posters, educational booklets, toothbrushing charts and suggested kids toothbrushes and infant toothpastes, will be included in a training package that helps to support GOSH health professionals to encourage children to brush their teeth for at least two minutes twice a day during their stay, and to carry on with good dental habits when they go home.

As Dominique Tillen, MD of Brush-Baby Ltd (pictured first left) for Brush-Baby Ltd says; “We’re delighted to assist with this innovative oral care programme. For little ones who are already struggling with complex and serious conditions, it’s vital that there is no risk of an infection in the mouth which could cause complications in their treatment.”    
BrushBaby owner meets hospital nurses“For something so simple as oral hygiene to have such an impact is crucial. We hope that our donation of specially formulated baby toothpastes and ergonomically designed toothbrushes for children, will go some way to minimising this occurrence. Brushing your teeth often makes you feel fresher, and this provides the parent and child control over another aspect of their care.”

The GOSH programme is also working in collaboration with Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and University College London Hospitals.