Our Kids Sonic Toothbrush Is A Life-Saver And Award-Winning!

KidzSonic electric toothbrush for children


According to The Telegraph, our KidzSonic Kids Electric Toothbrush has the ability to help you live longer. Yes, you heard us right. Based on a recent study, the findings indicated that brushing your teeth regularly and properly has a positive impact on general health; which in turn could help you live longer!

If that was not reason enough to try our Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush, we’re delighted to announce that it has been listed in the top 7 electric toothbrushes for 2018 in The Telegraph.

The rankings looked at the best electric toothbrushes out today, with our Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids ranked the ‘best for kids’, and dare we say it, the most cost-effective option too!

Reviewers were particularly impressed with it being a battery-powered brush (and we include the battery in our packs!), having super soft brushing bristles and, of course, its flashing disco lights, making brushing fun. What else could you possibly want from a childrens electric toothbrush? All you have to do is replace the kids sonic toothbrush heads every 4 months and away you go!

To see the full article, click here.

You can purchase our Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush from Boots (for 3-6 years and 6 years+) on our website or at local retailers.