Set Records With Your BrushBaby Smile!

We all know that our little ones are stars to us, no matter what they can do, but are they stars at using their children's toothbrush and brushing their milk teeth?

It’s important to take care of our children’s mouths from as early as infancy, but when they start having teeth; it’s time for them to get brushing! Use a toddler toothbrush and Brush for 2 minutes, twice a day, using the best baby toothpaste!

Start setting records with those smiles!

To show how easy brushing your teeth for this long really is, we’ve taken a look at a few other records people have set for doing things in 2 minutes…

Is brushing your teeth for 2 minutes really harder than eating 429 baked beans in the same time?! Or hitting 20 targets with your blindfolded tennis serve? ... We don’t think so!

What about scoring 54 headers or hitting 139 golf balls? If your little one still thinks 2 minutes brushing teeth is tough, perhaps you could try them with a few more record breaking 2 minute feats.

Surely they couldn’t think entering and bursting 11 giant balloons, or walking on a tightrope whilst spinning 360° 41, all in 2 minutes is easier? Our heads are left spinning at just the thought!

It’s certainly amazing what some people can do in this short time, but frankly we’d rather be brushing our teeth over these any day! Why not try using our kids electric toothbrush to keep them entertained whilst they brush?

Give your little one a record-breaking smile by brushing their teeth for just two minutes, twice a day.

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