Snack Attack = Gum & Tooth Attack | Use Baby Gum Wipes To Fight Against Cavities

Kathryn Mewes - The 3 Day Nanny

I have 2 daughters and I must confess that as a nanny of 20 years, the children I looked after NEVER ate in between meals! However, I have to admit that after becoming a mum…, Ok I have to ‘come clean’ and cannot deny it any longer … I GIVE MY CHILDREN SNACKS!

Motherhood comes with worry and guilt – usually thrown at you at the same time! So when I gave my baby a snack for the first time to keep her quiet whilst waiting in the Post Office queue I was filled with guilt! I knew she wasn’t hungry, being honest, I (and my fellow queue members) just needed the peace!

The main reason I feel guilty about snacks, is that they are often filled with sugar (fruit, raisins, snack bars etc!) and if left, it can leave a coating upon their teeth often until the bedtime toothbrushing session.

However, I have found something to wipe away that sugar (and my guilt!), Brush Baby Dental Wipes, which I was introduced to at the Baby Show.

I went for a cup of tea while working on the Brush Baby stand and when I returned I used one of my ‘Dental Wipes for babies’ to clean my teeth, gumline and freshen up my mouth. It felt as though I had just brushed my teeth! It was so easy, I took the disposable wipe from its own sachet, used and it threw it away. Ta-dah!

However just by doing this one simple action, made me realise just how much bacteria remains in our mouth after everything that we put in it during the day, not just mealtimes, but a crafty ‘snack on the run’, and how it remains there, until we brush our teeth.

That’s my experience as an adult who is capable of looking after their oral welfare. But, what about babies and little ones? We’re in charge of their wellbeing and so have we ever stopped to think about that after feeding (including breastfeeding – milky deposits contain sugars which if left untreated, can cause decay), or placating – that we need to be in charge of cleaning their mouths and gums? 

I was so impressed with this Baby Dental Wipes ‘find’, that I now talk about it to all my clients and within the nursery sessions that I run in London. Parents, Nannies and other caregivers are now fully briefed on how cleaning gums and teeth can make such a difference, cleaning away food and debris, encouraging the removal of decay-causing bacteria, helping with relief from teething pain and ultimately encouraging good oral health habits as soon as possible (and making their lives easier too!)

So now I practice what I preach. I am prepared!  I have a stash of Dental Wipes for babies in my buggy and one for me in my purse at all times and every time we have a snack, the girls rub a baby gum wipe around their mouths afterwards! I use one too – not only to set a good example, but I like it too!)

Perfect! – a guilt-free, in fact, a guilt-busting product!