Summer Holiday Blog with The Mummy Dentist (Dr Jemma Hook)

 Dr Jemma Hook

Whoo hoo the school summer holidays are in full swing!  Whether you’re off abroad or having a staycation it’s a welcome break from the cycle of having to be ‘somewhere’ or doing ‘something’ at a certain time. Alongside this comes a relaxation of the usual routine and enjoyment of extra treats!

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So here at BrushBaby we’ve teamed up with Dr Jemma Hook, also known as @themummydentist, to list a few ideas to ensure that mini tooth care continues throughout the holidays.

Brushing twice daily – A shift in the daily schedule is a joy of the holidays: this might be morning lie-ins or staying up later at bedtime. But it’s essential to ensure that those toothypegs are still getting brushed twice with a fluoridated infant toothpaste and children's toothbrush. 

  • Night-time clean removes food particles and coats the teeth in toothpaste for overnight protection.
  • Morning clean freshens up the mouth for the exciting day ahead.
  • And if you’re heading away don’t forget your kids toothbrush! The new BrushBaby Go Kidz travel childrens electric toothbrush comes with a cover, making it perfect for sleepovers and holibobs.

2) Dental check-ups – With days ahead packed full of fun and adventures, the six week break also provides time to get some more practical family admin accomplished too. Haircuts, stationery and school uniform shopping and getting those ever-g-r-o-w-i-n-g feet measured.

It’s a perfect opportunity for a family trip to the dentists too. Remember it’s important to make regular appointments, not just when a problem occurs! Dentists can check on children’s dental development, assess risk factors, acclimatise them to the dental environment and offer tailored tooth care advice.

3) Sweet snacks – It’s common for many days out to be associated with some kind of sugary food treat. Whilst that may be part of the whole experience, we have a couple of pointers to be more ‘tooth-friendly’:

  • Try to keep sugary items to mealtimes such as offering a dessert
  • Consider making your own ice-creams using plain natural or greek yoghurt as the base
  • There’s lots of inspiration for alternative snacks to make together such as savoury muffins or flapjacks
  • Fruit is a great nutritional choice, but is best in its natural form (whole or sliced), as blending releases the fruit sugars
  • Drink only plain water or milk in between meals
  • Need to clean your teeth after all that yummy food and drink? Take a few Brush Baby Dental Wipes with you. Although primarily designed to be used with babies after feeding, they are a great way for children (and adults!) on the move, to clean teeth and ‘freshen’ up after eating and drinking.

4) Fun activity – Looking for ways to occupy some time? Getting crafty is a fab idea to keep kids entertained and also an opportunity to re-purpose items of cardboard or plastic and involve paints, glitter and stickers.  How about making a toothbrushing reward chart? It can have boxes or slots for each day of the week, headed with AM/PM to complete. Let their creativity run wild!

5) Dental trauma – When the weather is nice, it’s a good plan to head outside for some fresh air and recreational activities such as bike riding, adventure playgrounds, ball games etc, all of which are great fun and encourage physical movement and socialising.

However, dentists often see a rise in the number of incidents involving ‘bangs’ and ‘knocks’ to teeth. This can range from a small chip, a tooth being pushed into a different position, or teeth actually being completely knocked out - yikes! So take precautions, wear correct safety equipment and in cases of dental trauma seek professional dental attention as soon as possible.      

Happy Summer Holidays!

from Team BrushBaby and @themummydentist x