The Tooth Fairy Is Classed As An ‘Essential Worker’

As a childrens toothbrush and dental care company, we were delighted to hear that Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister has reassured children (and parents!) alike, that The Tooth Fairy is classed as an ‘essential worker’ during the current Coronavirus situation. 

Unfortunately, regardless of how thorough or often your little one uses their Kids toothbrush, their milk teeth will eventually fall out and make way for their ‘big teeth’ to come in.

Nevertheless, it’s still super important to use their children's toothbrush for 2 minutes, twice a day to build the foundations for strong oral health.

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During one of her ministerial briefings, the New Zealand Prime Minister comforted children with the news that despite the Covid 19 lockdown, the Tooth Fairy’s important role was recognised as key to the nation’s welfare, and so was accordingly awarded ‘essential worker’ status in order that all ‘lost teeth’ left under night-time pillows could be collected and compensated accordingly, thus ensuring an all-round collective sigh of relief! 

With each child having an average of 20 baby teeth, which are all going to fall out at some stage, it is estimated that The Tooth Fairy (conglomerate!) can collect up to 2.6 billion baby teeth a year. It’s no wonder that the special worker status was so welcome!                                                                                         

Appointed at 37 years of age, Jacinda (now 39) is New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister in more than 150 years and her empathetic leadership style, especially in times of a crisis, has won plaudits from across the world.

A mum to daughter Neve, who was born in June 2018, she has forged a path of her own, delivering honest news in briefings but in a calm and measured style, eliciting respect, and above all trust from the New Zealand people.  Embracing technology to communicate with the people of New Zealand,

Jacinda’s background in Public Relations and Communications has seen her hold ‘Facebook Live’ conversations with the general public and show a human and maternal side to her leadership style.

Such a small act of thoughtfulness and kindness for the collective good, regarding the Tooth Fairy during difficult times has assured Jacinda of a special place in our dental hearts!

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