Dental Love For Our Brush-Baby Kids Toothbrush!

Russia childrens toothbrushes brush-Baby 1Russia childrens toothbrushes brush-Baby

We were pleased to be spreading the Brush-Baby love at Russia’s largest dental industry exhibition, Dental-Expo, last weekend! The international dental forum included workshops, lectures and a whole of host of exhibitors, showcasing the latest and greatest developments in the industry.

We showcased our range of award winning products, like our baby dental wipes, toothpaste for babies, and even our kids electric toothbrushes! We take pride in providing quality childrens toothbrushes, which is why all our products are made with dentist approval! Shop our toothbrushes for toddlers today!

Our Russian distributors, Staino, were proudly demonstrating the Brush-Baby early-years dental range to an audience of dentists, dental surgeons, dental technicians and dental trade companies in Moscow, increasing awareness about the importance of instigating a good oral care routine from birth. Otlichnaya rabota!

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