Tackle Tooth Decay With Brush Baby Toothpaste - Tooth Decay In 5-9 Year Olds Increases Again

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EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR - 22 children (aged 1-4) are admitted to hospital in the UK to have a decayed tooth removed. 

At Brush Baby, we really do care about encouraging young children to look after their milk teeth. That's why our kids toothbrush and infant toothpaste have been designed with dentists, parents and children in mind!

It is essential to set your child up with a good children’s dental care routine as soon as possible, and our brush baby dental wipes are a great place to start! We also stock toothbrushes for 1 year olds all the way up to 10 years of age!

Last year 26,111 children aged 5-9 were admitted to hospital to have at least one decayed tooth removed. Sadly this included two children who were less than one year old!

These are worrying figures released last week from NHS Digital for 2017-2018 considering tooth decay is 90% preventable. The figures also show an increase from the previous year!

In fact, tooth decay remains the number one reason that children aged 5-9 are admitted to hospital. This is double the number of children who were admitted for acute tonsillitis!

There is some good news though, the overall number for 1-4 year olds has decreased to 7,666 from 8,281 children, but in our opinion, just ONE child undergoing a general anaesthetic is ONE too many!

Brush-Baby is passionate about children’s dental welfare and will continue to spread the word about the importance of looking after it from day one of life.


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