Vegan-Friendly Toothpaste For Toddlers ...Which Don’t Taste Of Vegetables!

Vegan toothpastes

Did you know?

  • The number of vegans in the Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2018 (1) and
  • In 2018 the UK launched more vegan products that any other nation (2)

Even as a provider of health products and at the forefront of consumer-facing habits, the figures still come as a surprise to us. Religious, cultural and health reasons are moving higher up the agenda of consumer choice. Brush-Baby is pleased to lead the way in dental hygiene, with its range of vegan-friendly toothpastes for little ones, right through from teething babies to ‘big’ boys and girls who want to brush their own teeth!

We’ve always known that Brush-Baby’s unique range of infant toothpastes for little ones aged from newborn to 6 year olds, ‘hit the spot’  when it comes to fluoride content, yummy flavours and even if a little one takes so much of a shine to the flavour and texture of the toothpaste, that they swallow it... well that’s ok too. Brush-Baby milk teeth Toothpastes are paraben-free too! 

Babies and children have delicate (oh, okay ... fussy) palates too! In fact a baby has more tastebuds than an adult – so it’s easy to see why toothpaste taste is an important factor. As Dominique explains “one of toothbrushing battles that I had with my daughter when she was a toddler, is that she found the adult toothpaste which I was using, too ‘minty’, or as she described it; “too hot, Mummy”. Because I wanted to encourage her to have her teeth brushed, it was of paramount importance to get the flavour right in order to even get the opportunity for her to open her mouth to let me get the toothpaste in!".

This led to the development of Brush-Baby’s fruit-flavoured baby toothpastes including Applemint and Tutti-Frutti, and in recent years the addition of a mild Spearmint flavoured kids toothpaste, which is a great introduction for children aged 6+, to the grown-up world of toothbrushing.

Being SLS-free too helps, as toothpastes which ‘foam’ may prove to be off-putting for a baby, and they may put up resistance to toothbrushing if the toothpaste is not to their liking!  And a wriggly baby,or a toddler with a clamped-shut mouth, is not helpful at breakfast or bath-time when time is at a premium!

Unfortunately, Brush-Baby vegan-friendly toothpastes can’t go towards one of your baby’s ‘five a day’, but it can certainly help clear away the milky deposits and food debris from feeding, and clean the gums and teeth that have been munching and gurning on fruit and vegetables at mealtimes! Now surely, that is something to smile about!

And if you're not sure how much toothpaste to use? See our visual guide below.

toothpaste amount on a toothbrush

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