We Are Keeping Teeth Scare-Free This Halloween With The Best Toothbrush For Kids

Keeping teeth scare free

We all know that Halloween is a well-known time for over-doing the sweet treats, so here at Brush-Baby; we thought we would try to help avoid a dental-scare this year. 

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In a bid to encourage our little ones’ to remember their teeth at this sugary time of year, our team, along with a few of our loyal teeth enthusiasts, gave out some of our dental-care products instead of the usual sweeties to treat all the trick or treaters that came to our doors.

Although we knew receiving anything but a handful of sugar was going to seem a bit ghoulish… we think everyone will thank us in the long-run…especially the parents!

We gave out a range of our FlossBrush Bristles Toothbrushes as well as charts and stickers to encourage everyone to remember their teeth amongst all the sugary fun.

A big happy Halloween to everyone that came to our doors, we do hope you enjoy the free products that will last a lot longer than just the night!