Wean & Clean Campaign. Use Brush Baby Dental Wipes For A Clean (And Gummy) Smile!

Wean and Clean Campaign

Weaning conjures up great images, lip-smacking first tastes, chomping on favourite foods and who can resist a gurning gummy smile beaming out from within a food-covered face? Okay, okay, we’re not going to talk about the fact that sometimes there’s more food on the floor than in the child, and occasionally you can’t work out where the sausages end and the baby’s fingers begins, because overall, weaning is an exciting (but challenging) time. 

However, it is essential to make sure your little one’s mouth, gums, and newly emerging teeth are clean and well looked after. Using our dental wipes for babies, you can properly remove any food debris or milky residue left in your baby's mouth!

National Weaning Week has just taken place and its aim is to make weaning as easy as possible.  You can visit www.weaningweek.co.uk for support, information and tasty recipes for you to try with your little one, and don’t worry, the website is still up even though the promotional period has ended!

Weaning also provides a great opportunity to start a gum and tooth-cleaning regime. After all,  we have no doubt that you fastidiously clean your baby’s hands and face, and any surface that food had landed on, or which their hands (and food) touch, but are you as vigilant cleaning the inside of their mouth, gums, teeth and emerging teeth after a good ‘ol feed? 

Establishing an early years gum and tooth cleaning regime is essential. Not only does it clean away any food debris left by milk and food, which if left, can contribute towards decay, but it also familiarises a baby as soon as possible with an oral care routine, which can help with the teething process and hopefully minimise any toothbrushing battles later on. 

How to Wean and Clean

It’s easy, essentially a muslin cloth dipped into cooled, boiled water and wipe inside the baby’s inner cheeks, across the tongue and in and around the gum area and paying special attention to any new teeth and emerging teeth. 

We can offer a quick and easy solution with our baby dental wipes and baby teething wipes (with added Camomile to help soothe teething gums) which are hygienically sealed one-use fingersleeve and square-style wipe in a handy disposable sachet, great for popping in your changing bag for when you are out and about. These baby gum wipes are perfect for both parents and little ones alike!

For more teething tips and FAQs asked by parents on how to look after a little one’s oral health visit

Then you can enjoy a happy and healthy weaning smile!

We know how weaning can be intrinsically linked with teething and are teaming up with some brilliant baby food manufacturers and suppliers during the forthcoming months for mutual blog posts and competitions. Take a look at our latest partner Annabel Karmel for your chance to win some Wean & Clean goodies.

p.s. Thanks to Vicky - @_justjigs_ for this brilliant photo! We think that captures the fun (and mess of weaning!)