When The Kid’s Electric Toothbrush Isn’t a Hit: Tips from brush-baby

Making sure your little one’s dental health is at its best is crucial, but we know it can be challenging when they aren’t keen on using a kid’s electric toothbrush. At brush-baby, we understand these tricky issues parents face, and we’re here to help you navigate this common issue. So, we have come up with some practical brush-baby tips to make brushing a fun and effective part of your child's daily routine.

Understanding the Resistance

First, try to understand why it might be that your little one doesn’t like using their kid’s electric toothbrush. Common reasons include:

Sensory Sensitivity: The vibrations and noise of a kid’s electric toothbrush can be overwhelming for some children.

Fear of the Unknown: New experiences can be intimidating, and a children’s electric toothbrush might seem unfamiliar and scary.

Preference for Manual Brushing: Some children simply prefer the control and familiarity of a manual children’s toothbrush.

brush-baby Tips to Encourage Your Child to Use a Kid’s Electric Toothbrush

1. Start Slowly
Introduce the children’s electric toothbrush gradually. Let your little one hold it, feel the vibrations, and get used to its appearance and sound without actually brushing. This slow introduction can help reduce fear and anxiety.

2. Make It Fun
Turn brushing into a fun activity. Play your child’s favourite song while brushing, use a kid’s toothbrush with flashing lights and their favourite animal like our WildOnes range, or create a reward system. For example, brush-baby offers a range of colourful and engaging kids toothbrushes designed to make brushing time enjoyable.

3. Lead by Example
Children often mimic their parents. Brush your teeth alongside your child using an electric toothbrush. This demonstration can help them see that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

4. Explain the Benefits of Using a Kid’s Electric Toothbrush
While it’s important to keep explanations simple, you can still highlight the benefits of a children’s electric toothbrush. Explain how they can help to keep their teeth even more clean and keep their smile bright and healthy.

5. Try Different Kid’s Toothbrushes
If one type of children’s electric toothbrush isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try another. At brush-baby, we offer various options tailored to different age groups and preferences. For instance, kid’s toothbrushes come in different designs and functionalities to suit your little one’s needs.

Alternative Dental Care Tools

If your child is really not getting on with their children’s electric toothbrush, it’s okay to explore other dental care tools. Here are some alternatives:

1. Manual Kid’s Toothbrushes
Manual children’s toothbrushes can be just as effective when used correctly. Ensure you choose a kid’s toothbrush designed for your little one’s age. Our range of childrens toothbrushes includes options for all stages, from baby’s first toothbrush to toothbrushes for toddlers as well as older children.

2. Baby Gum Wipes and Dental Wipes
For babies, baby gum wipes and baby dental wipes can be a great option to help maintain their oral hygiene.

3. Baby Teethers
Another option for babies and teething toddlers are baby teethers. These can be a great way to soothe gums and introduce the concept of oral care. Our silicone baby teethers can also be used with a smear of toothpaste to help keep their little mouths clean.

Patience & Persistence

It is so normal for children to have preferences and aversions, including when it comes to brushing their teeth.

The key here is patience and persistence. By gradually introducing a kid’s electric toothbrush, making the experience fun, and if all else fails - exploring alternative dental care options, you are helping to make sure that your little one maintains great oral hygiene.

Remember, at brush-baby, we’re here to support you with a wide range of products designed specifically for children’s dental care needs. Visit our online shop to explore our full range of solutions and find what works best for you and your little one.