World Autism Awareness Week With BrushBaby

Although Brush-Baby is primarily an infant gum and dental-care company helping with your child's oral care needs, we do know that many parents of children with differing needs, including autism, often find our range of kids toothbrushes and infant toothpastes, helpful during toothbrushing time. 

Dental-care is so important for a child’s health and wellbeing, but tackling this area of a child’s welfare can often prove to be physically difficult, resulting in frustration to both care-giver and recipient. 

Brush-Baby dental-care products are different and may provide an alternative solution. The gentle flavours and non-foaming formulations of the milk teeth toothpastes and the easy-grip handles of the baby toothbrushes and smaller toothbrush heads often aid with dexterity issues. Sometimes the complete contrast of a ‘conventional-shaped’ toothbrush as in the design of our Chewable First baby Toothbrush, ‘does the trick’ as well, which was recently confirmed to us by a mum of a child with special needs, who said:

 “I can certainly say from my point of view, that the Chewable Baby First Toothbrush has been a real ‘game changer’ for my 9 year old son!! For the first time in years we don't have meltdowns at teeth cleaning time! Thank you!”

Brush-Baby is passionate about oral care, and is happy to help change, improve and revolutionise everybody’s toothbrushing time!