Brush-Baby Launches The Baby Sonic Toothbrush - World's Smallest Electric Toothbrush For Babies

baby sonic

Once again Brush-Baby, the children’s dental care specialist is living up to its reputation as a leader in innovation with the launch of the Brush-Baby Baby Sonic electric toothbrush - the smallest electric toothbrush on the market. For parents familiar with toddlers demanding to use a toddlers electric toothbrush as they find a conventional kids toothbrush too large and unwieldy Brush-Baby’s new Baby Sonic toothbrush provides a welcome solution.

The lightweight ‘baby sized’ BabySonic is significantly smaller than regular kids’ electric toothbrushes and has a soft-bristled toothbrush head no bigger than the nail of a little finger.  Switch it on and you’ll be struck now gently the tiny brush head vibrates fitting comfortably around tiny ‘baby’ or ‘milk’ teeth. The easi-grip handle makes it simple for the carer to manoeuvre it over teeth and gums and a brush head that lights up helps to guide the way. Includes a 2 minute timer that helps parents teach tooth brushing with brush pulses (every 30 seconds). Once 2 minutes are complete the brush turns off.

Dominique Tillen, Founder of Brush-Baby Ltd comments: “The BabySonic electric toothbrush for babies really is a ‘first’ in infant and toddler dental-care. Its design and size distinguish it from anything else currently available in the marketplace and the fact that that head ‘vibrates’ and doesn’t ‘spin’ like a conventional childs electric toothbrush makes it gentle and pleasurable for a baby. The response to this product from parents and retailers has been overwhelming”.