You Are Invited To The #BrushBabySleepover



Are you awake most nights with a teething baby? If so, we would like to invite you to the Brush-Baby Sleepover on Saturday 28th October starting at 10pm. And don't forget to bring your baby toothbrush!

We know how straining it can be on mums and dads who are awake with a sleepless or teething baby on the night shift, so our dedicated Brush-Baby team will be by your side to answer your questions (and prayers!). Whether you’re on the search for teething tips, looking to share your night shift stories or simply want someone to tweet to, who knows what you are going through, we’ve got your back.

We’ve got an award winning range dedicated to teething remedies for babies like our baby teething wipes or our baby teethers. If you’re looking for something your baby can bite on, why not take a look at our chewable baby first toothbrush, which has been designed to clean your baby’s mouth and gums as they chew! Add a dotof milk teeth toothpaste and you’re ready to go!

To RSVP your attendance at our sleepover, simply follow @brushbabydental on Twitter and use the hashtag #BrushBabySleepover at any time during the night. Our team are willing and waiting to help.

Don’t forget to bring your jammies, fluffy slippers and plenty of caffeine. See you at 10pm!