38 ½ days toothbrushing!

No it’s not a sponsored feat… it’s the number of days in a lifetime that the average person spends brushing their teeth.  Now it may seem a long time … but, (in the scheme of things) really?
Compare this fact with another one – the one that states the darts player Jockey Wilson lost all of his teeth before the age of 28! And then couple this with the new phenomenon called Turkey Teeth, which has emerged, whereby in the pursuit of a set of perfect ‘TV teeth’, many people are visiting Turkey to undergo a dental veneer process at great expense, and sometimes not with the results that they were hoping for or expecting. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-62100044)
From a dental perspective, it’s great that teeth are featuring in the news – maybe not the right reasons – but it’s always good if it promotes discussion, and more importantly, actions around the issue of oral welfare.
Children’s dental health is reliant upon adults understanding what needs to be done. Brush-Baby prides itself on considering what parents, and children need and use, by designing and developing a range of gum and dental-care products specifically for the newborn -10 years’ age group. Sizes, colours, brush-heads, noise, grip, vibrations, taste and texture, have all been considered, so that products are parent and child-friendly, to make oral care during child’s formative years, as easy as possible (and fun!).
So what you are waiting for caregivers – only another 38 days of toothbrushing to go!  However, at least your little one might only make a trip to Turkey one day for pleasure, and not for a new set of teeth!