‘A Dinosaur, In The Eye Of A Needle?’ - The 'Dino' Kids Battery Toothbrush

“Just because you cannot see something, does not mean that it does not exist.”
These are the profound words of Dr Willard Wigan, an artist, who has created such a 0.5mm – (yes, you read it correctly) - sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which, along with an accompanying human, put in there for scale, fits into an eye of a needle!
The sculpture, which is so small that visitors will only be able to marvel at its size and detail, under a microscope, has gone on display at a museum in Nottingham alongside the skeleton of a real T-Rex, named Titus. Our KidzSonic Dinosaur themed electric toothbrush for children is a little bigger than that! And packs a punch when dealing with plaque and cavities. All you have to do is purchase the electric toothbrush replacement heads every 3 months to carry on brushing!
Apart from being in awe of Dr Wigan’s skill, manual dexterity, accuracy and patience, as providers of oral health care products for little ones’ teeth, we’re delighted that he’s even managed to create miniscule glass teeth for the dinosaur! 
In fact, baby teeth echo Dr Wigan’s sentiments, because even though you can’t see them, they’re under the gums, biding their time, just waiting to make an appearance! So they do exist, and parents and caregivers need to look after a child’s oral welfare from the day it’s born by using baby gum wipes to clean away any milky residue from feeding.
We LOVE Dinosaurs at Brush-Baby and have even created a FREE downloadable dinosaur activity pack.
Over 70,000 people have already seen Titus, and it’s expected that many more will be coming to see the needle sculpture too. We hope that Dr Wigan has sculpted a teeny, tiny toothbrush as well, in order to keep those dinosaur teeth clean for all those visitors too! But for now, shop our electric toothbrush for toddlers selection.