A Milestone For SmileStones! Brush Baby Kids Toothbrush Reward Scheme

welcome to smiletons club
Marking milestones in our lives is part of life’s rich pattern, and Brush-Baby knows the importance of that health milestone first tooth for both baby and proud parents, that's why we created our Brush baby milk teeth toothpaste - friendly for even the tiniest of teeth. Our toothbrushes for children are specifically designed to help make morning and bedtime brushing easier for both parents and children alike.
Helping to ensure that the first tooth making its appearance is eased into position and with as little fuss during the teething stage and is as healthy as possible, and that the other teeth follow this example, is what Brush-Baby with its range of gum and dental-care products specifically for babies, toddlers and children, is widely known for. Our baby's first toothbrush is an amazing tool to help clean your little one’s mouth and gums, and is gentle enough to act as a newborn tongue cleaner.
However, Brush-Baby is hugely aware of the importance that education and information, is to all caregivers.   A lack of national dental programme and the implications of Covid, with over 19 million dental appointments and the number of children receiving dental treatment halved, highlighted the lack of dental-care and decay prevention measures available.
Brush-Baby’s free information portal - SmileStones Club, came into its own during this period.  Offering impartial information from a non-judgemental viewpoint, just a desire to help caregivers give a child the best dental start in life. Its success can be measured by the fact that it is due to welcome its 35,000th member in the forthcoming week, and is going to be celebrated with the addition of a rewards scheme which sees purchases from the Brush-Baby product range, being allocated points which can be redeemed on lines such as our children’s electric toothbrushes, or our milk teeth toothpaste.

Apart from information and access to a library of downloadable activity packs including a parental Tooth Fairy Kit for collection, payment of that ‘milestone’ first tooth, members also have access to sampling opportunities, birthday discounts, exclusive offers.
The recent addition of a SmileStones Club Rewards Scheme, will also ensure that the caregiver purchasing Brush-Baby products is also rewarded for their custom.