A Smile In Any Language When You Use Our Best Baby Toothpaste!

Toothbrushing is universal! The actions and results are the same wherever you are in the world, whatever your culture, and it transcends any language barriers as well - whether you use a baby toothbrush, flossing bristle toothbrush, or a childs electric toothbrush! So we love to hear from our distributors throughout the world on how they get spread the dental-care message far and wide, and were interested to hear about one such promotional activity from our Mongolian distributor Green Gates International.

The Monos Group of Companies which has over 120 pharmacies throughout Mongolia, invited Green Gate International to be a part of its National Children’s Day Celebrations, which after a 2 year hiatus due to coronavirus, made a welcome return to the National Amusement Park on May 27th.

The National Day – held as a way of honouring and appreciating children is a public bank holiday in Mongolia and the children put on their finest clothes and attend the public celebrations with their parents and caregivers, and if they are lucky enough, receive presents too!

Along with many other leading children’s product providers. Green Gates took along their mini Brush-Baby ‘selfie’ stand, featuring yummy toddler toothpastes and First Floss bristles toothbrushes from the extensive range and a gorgeous Bunny Mascot from the Applemint baby toothpaste was on hand with his human helpers, to offer fresh breath cuddles and offer samples.

As Uranjargal Tumurbaatar, Chief Executive Officer of Green Gate International says: “It was a pleasure to be part of this year’s celebrations. So many happy faces and so uplifting to see the children (and the parents!) having so much fun.  The  children were entertained by their favourite children’s characters, and able join in with some funky dance moves with their superheroes, after participating in balloon-modelling and fairground rides. Alongside other distributors, the event also offered the opportunity for us to engage with parents and children conveying important health messages, including looking after your teeth.  We hope that after enjoying such a happy day that many sets of teeth were brushed that evening!”