Bathtime Is The Best Time, For Children… And Winning Baby Toothpaste Awards!

There’s so much that we need to teach children and routines are a great method of learning and practicing new skills. As dental-care product specialists, we know that bathtime is one of the best times for establishingone of the earliest and most important childhood routines.

So we’re proud that our range of Toothpaste for babies, toddlers and children (0-10 years) has been recognised with a silver award, in the Best Health Product for Babies & Children in the Family Health, Bathtime and Skincare Products category, in the 2023 MadeforMums awards.

A bathtime routine not only offers the ideal environment for the obvious cleaning and grooming opportunities, but it signifies a natural ‘end of the day’ occasion, providing a safe environment to develop life skills and build healthy habits.

Brush-Baby love the four ‘Bs’ of Bath, Baby (Tooth)Brush, Bed and Book routines! Introducing using a child's toothbrush to children is made easier with our products which have been specifically designed with children’s differing needs.

Some little ones may find traditional infant toothpastes overpowering, and Brush-Baby’s non-foaming kids toothpastes come in a variety of flavours to tickle the most discerning of tastebuds and clean the smallest of teeth that are already here, or on their way, encouraging toothbrushing to become a lifetime habit.

In the words of parent tester Hannah, who tested our children's toothpastes with her 2 year old twins: “The variety of flavours and range of fluoride levels to suit different ages is great; my girls loved the taste as well as the pictures on the good-size tubes, which made brushing their teeth fun and exciting. I love that every flavour is paraben and sls-free.”

Lights out!

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